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Scratch - Descarga Scratch, versión 1.4

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Being a great science and education tool, Scratch aids children in learning computer programming languages. It does so by allowing users to think in a more “algorithmic” fashion. Furthermore, Scratch allows you to create beautiful characters that you can use to perform multiple functions.
The makers of Scratch have designed it in a way that makes it easier for anyone to play with it. Moreover, if you want to create a script, just snap together different graphical blocks in a manner similar to putting together a puzzle.
Feel free to create characters such as a pony, wizard, cat, or any general cartoon character, and make them respond to your mouse’s movements. Additionally, it is simple to include sound effects, like music clips, in your artwork. Although Scratch does demands some time to learn it, you will find that all of it is worth it. After all, the tool lets you create some stunning artistic masterpieces that will truly captivate anyone’s attention.
If you are done with any project, feel free to use the tool’s share functions. As such, you can choose to place your creations on your website or social media pages.
Not only does the tool allow children make better use out of their PC, but also effectively utilize their creative abilities.
Lastly, Scratch’s new version offers many great options, such as asking viewers input from keyboard, webcam or other input devices. This version is already popular due to its flexible UI and works best on small-screened devices, like netbook computers.


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